Five Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas to Spice Up Your Nursery Decor

More and more expecting mamas are choosing to wait until birth to find out baby’s gender. As exciting as this may be, those of us who choose to wait are often met with the eye roll-inducing statement “I don’t know how you do it! I’m too much of a planner.”

Let’s be real. Regardless of when you find out your baby’s gender, it is a magical experience. The decision lies in when you and your partner prefer that experience. But don’t let the myth of needing to plan sway your decision. You can have fun, enjoy the excitement, and have beautiful nursery decor just as easily if you choose to wait!

Coming from one “type A, planner” mama to another, knowing the gender and having what you assume to be a “plan” in place means nada when that babe actually arrives.

Here are five gender-neutral nursery ideas for those who decide to wait it out:

Black and white gender-neutral nursery

Black and white nursery decor has a lot to offer in the way of both creativity and classiness. From a simply stated, crisp white crib with black accent patterns and furniture to a black and white photo theme, your possibilities are endless.

Green Nursery Decor

Another fun and classy spin on a gender-neutral nursery is a foliage filled, green nursery! Using simple earth tones with green, plant-like accents you’ll create a haven sure to relax any infant into a state of bliss. An added benefit of going this route is that you can incorporate live plants which give life to the space, including the release of oxygen and other added benefits depending on what you choose to add.

Around the world Nursery Décor

From feel good quotes to destination photos, around the world, or travel theme nursery decor makes a unique and beautiful, gender-neutral nursery. You can choose any accent color, or colors, you’d like and add fun décor such as maps, compasses, or rustic travel pictures.

Animal-themed nursery décor

Going with a cute, traditional idea for a gender-neutral nursery, such as an animal theme, gives you a variety of options. From jungle to sea animals, you can create a space that is almost as adorable as that little bundle you’ll bring home from the hospital. Additionally, you’ll have the option of choosing bright and vibrant colors or a more neutral, pastel theme to accompany your animal theme.

Neutral colored nursery décor

Similar to a black a white gender-neutral nursery comes the idea neutral colored nursery decor. Think, browns or grays and let your imagination take over. With a multitude of furniture choices to accompany this simple theme, you can highlight with comfy blankets and patterns. What’s more is that with little effort you can add a fun highlight color to match your babe’s gender and personality when they arrive!

Searching for gender-neutral nursery ideas can be fun and exciting. However, it can also be overwhelming and time consuming. Rest assured that your efforts will all be well worth it when you’re snuggling your new addition. Plus, these ideas can easily be adapted or changed as your tiny human grows and blossoms into a little being with opinions and interests of their own. Now let the decorating begin! Cheers!

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