Photo Guidelines

A good portrait starts with a good photo. Take a moment to review these guidelines to help you choose the best photo for your portrait. Need photo advice? Our support team is on standby. Email for assistance choosing the best photos.

1. Good Lighting

Avoid photos that are overly filtered and don't show the true skin tone, eye color, hair color and essence of the subject. Choose a well-lit photo with natural lighting and minimal to no filter.

2. Cropping & Accessories

Our artists work directly from your photo to create your portrait to create a portrait in the signature modern style of Smirky portraits.. Be sure to select a photo that includes majority of the subject in frame, otherwise our artists will take creative liberty to complete the cropped out part of body. 
If you are uploading a photo of accessories, please note that our artists will always include the accessory in the photo unless otherwise noted. You may leave a note with your order at checkout for the artist. 

3. Position of Subject

Smirky portraits are crop the subject from the chest up and look best with the subject sitting or standing straight up and looking directly at the camera. We are unable to complete a portrait if the subject's chest and neck are not visible.